Who would not think of the island where romance and picturesqueness are at their peak as an ideal destination for the sweetest trip of his life? This island is charming, and not only because of its Cycladic architecture and beautiful alleys. Santorini has something timeless, perhaps even transcendental, if one considers that it is reborn every day, takes risks and has a heart that beats loudly, despite its catastrophic history, difficulties and the constant “threat” of the volcano. Find at Emporio 847 03 and call us on 694 457 7918 and take a Santorini private tour.

This island represents the marriage of the power of nature and the will of man to live and create. Could there be a more representative destination for your honeymoon from the island of “Saint Irini”? Surely the sunset, the volcano, its white houses and the view from the Caldera are the ideal combination to create an incomparable idyllic setting for any couple in love.


What would you like to be offered on your first vacation as, officially, a couple who can not afford the most romantic island in the Mediterranean? In Santorini you will find a huge variety of accommodation: from expensive and luxurious hotels with swimming pools that connect with the endless blue of the sky and the sea, to hotels dug into the rock, the so-called caves.

If you prefer the practicality of your travels, choose a central area, such as Fira and the surrounding villages, such as Firostefani, Imerovigli and Karterados, located in the middle of the island, so that you have easy access everywhere.

If you want to give an extra touch of romance to your stay, then choose one of the wonderful hotels that are built along the Caldera. In Oia and Imerovigli, you can find unique hotels, suitable for the occasion. or in the pool of your room, as the golden rays of the sun bathe the black of the volcano and are reflected by the deep blue of the sea.

An ancient settlement

As much as the eruption caused by the eruption about 3500 years ago, so is the greatness of its creation. The Cycladic civilization experienced one of the most dramatic explosions in the history of the Indo-European area and the excellently preserved findings of the archeological site of Akrotiri testify to the course of this civilization. It is worth noting that the settlement has been saved almost intact due to the volcanic ash that covered everything in the great eruption of the volcano. The space is really amazing, since we are not talking about simple foundations but also about whole houses! There you will be able to walk between the houses of another era, while some are allowed to enter.

Perivolos beach

Relax or have fun? Or both? This peculiar beach is essentially a continuation of the beach of Perissa. Perivolos is one of the most beautiful organized beaches of the island, in the southeastern part of Santorini. It is very large in length and width, while its characteristics are the fine sand and the clear waters that deepen sharply. Without exaggeration, after walking one and a half meters, from the shore inwards, you are suddenly in the “gap”, at a depth of maybe two meters. Despite the peculiarity of its morphology, Perivolos, has a strong tourist traffic and excellent organization with sunbeds, umbrellas, cafes, beach-bars, taverns right by the sea and many marine activities. At the same time, however, it is suitable for relaxation, since as you move away from the bars you can find the tranquility you desire.

Armeni Beach

Armeni can be described as a small picturesque seaside settlement in the northwestern part of the island, in the shadow of Oia. The beach of the settlement is small, with very deep waters, with red and black large rocks springing from inside them. If you love diving, in the area you will find a diving center for romantic exploration of marine wealth. If you are not a fan of diving, Armenis is ideal for you who are looking for separate locations for your bath. Equip yourself with sports if you are fit and want to get there from Oia by descending 286 steps. Alternatively, you could go by boat or on foot from Ammoudi, otherwise by donkey.

Sunset with volcano background

It will definitely take your breath away! You will need to go to the most extreme point of the settlement of Oia. Of course, it is best to be there early to find an ideal spot to sit and observe the unique colors that the sky and the sea take on. The gradual alternation of shades and the majesty they exude will carve their place in your memory, creating an image that you will never want to leave.

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