Letters: How to defeat juice-jackers; more on emotional support animals

I read the article about “juice-jacked” USB ports (“Beware Public USB Ports,” On the Location, by Catharine Hamm, Dec. 1). Though the emphasis was on ports we face when we vacation, I suppose we’re at chance at any community ports, as in the neighborhood coffeehouse or area shopping mall. I must acknowledge I really should have regarded the risks these pose, but I didn’t right up until Hamm’s article.

A person alternative she provides is carrying our individual battery chargers. But I thought many airlines reject these objects now as fire risks.

Eric Wilks
Los Angeles

Editor’s observe: The Transportation Stability Administration’s website suggests, “Portable chargers or electrical power banking institutions that contains a lithium ion battery have to be packed in carry-on bags. For extra facts, see the FAA guidance on moveable rechargers (faa.gov/hazmat/assets/lithium_batteries/).”

Airways and airports could be passenger centered by supplying charging stations and Wi-Fi. But preserving your privateness and data? That fees cash lots of people just do not want to expend.

Whenever you plug your system into a corded charging station or log on to community Wi-Fi, you give the company carte blanche to use just about anything it wishes with the information on your unit. The providers at least give good warning on Wi-Fi when they request you to agree to terms of use prior to connecting. With corded chargers, it may not be so apparent.

I hardly ever have still left a credit score card range in their database. Many credit history card issuers can enable if you have a problem, but the system can be prolonged and disheartening. It is all on you, and you must be vigilant.

Paul Brown
Santa Ana


I’ve browse about this terrifying tactic, but it begs the concern: Why hasn’t one thing been finished about it? Undoubtedly, the changing ports hijacked by the “bad guys” — nobody observed them doing this with all the security close to? — can be un-hijacked by safety professionals? How long can that choose to make charging stations risk-free?

Arrive on, folks. We stay in sophisticated situations. Anything that can be carried out can be undone. Why should vacationers have to purchase excess items, until that is the plan in the to start with spot? Certainly, practising basic safety is essential obtaining the airport be safer is finest.

Shelley Keith
Sherman Oaks

Kids will need to be controlled

We not too long ago flew from Bozeman, Mont., to Minneapolis with our official emotional assistance animal, documented by the Department of Veterans Affairs. She is an particularly very well-behaved Australian Yorkie.

I desire I could say the identical for the youngster who sat at the rear of us. I had to include my ears for 60% of the vacation, since the baby screamed continually. I have youthful grandchildren and tolerate fussiness, but I did not comprehend the parents’ deficiency of command and the lack of empathy for folks sitting down about them.

Where by ended up the earplugs or headsets that the airline really should have made available us?

Let’s established some guidelines for unruly kids. Psychological assistance canine fill a true will need. We comprehend parents’ dilemma, but let us also have consideration for people who need emotional assistance canines and medical professionals who understand this need.

Sharon Kieffer
Bozeman, Mont.


I have experienced animals for additional than 55 years, and I imagine we require to place regulations on these so-referred to as emotional guidance animals. I have read folks say it is a remedy puppy, and it has behaved extremely poorly. If it is a skilled animal for people with a healthcare affliction, I help the individual and the trained animal 100%.

My animals give me a large amount of aid, and I can normally depend on them for that, but not in eating places or planes. They are animals, not animals qualified to do a work.

Vickie Barbour
Los Angeles

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