8 Tips to Prevent Burglars in August!

It is no coincidence that most burglaries take place between mid-July and August. Installing security doors – portes asfaleias – is enough to deter burglars in August.

Burglars take advantage of the absence of people on the beach and on vacation. As they operate on an occasional basis, and not on the basis of a premeditated plan, they seek the ideal situation in an effort to make easy money.

Of course, security locks play an important role in preventing a burglary. Read in our article about the 8 Tips to prevent burglars in August.

1. Secure your home with security locks

Sounds reasonable but make sure your house is locked when you are away or sleeping. Always lock windows and security locks. Your security doors is doing its job only if your doors are locked.

In addition, the installation of bolts at your balcony doors adds another barrier for burglars. Even if you are at home during the day, you should know that it only takes a few seconds for someone to break in from the open balcony and grab something while you are in another room of the house.

2. Do not leave a key outside the house

While we know we should not leave a key out, we do it quite often! Burglars can check all possible places, such as the front door mat, the flowerpot on the windowsill, or inside the mailbox. It would be good not to take risks!

If you still want to have a key of your security lock – kleidaries asfaleias available, for an emergency, leave the key to a trusted neighbour or generally a person you trust a lot.

3. Install a security system

Alarms and security cameras have proven to be one more option to prevent burglaries in August. The most effective alarms are those that combine motion sensors and automatic recording on an external disk or Sim card and you can have access to your space from wherever you are. Install a security system with a reputable security company.

4. Secure all the doors of your house

The rear and side entrances allow easy access to your home for you, as well as would-be for potential burglars. Remember to always have them locked to protect your house and belongings.

5. Lock garden sheds and garage doors

In the garden we usually forget useful tools that thieves can use to break into our homes in August. During the summer months we all deal with gardening and planting. Be sure to lock the garden storage and garage door, as well as the doors that communicate with the main house.

Do not leave bicycles and lawn mowers outside, even when you are at home – burglars will not make discrimination! They take anything that has a value to sell.

6. Prune the trees that surround your house

Prune trees and plants near windows and entrances. Unfortunately, if they are not pruned, they provide cover for potential burglars to monitor your space freely.

7. Do not share everything on Social Media!

When you are away, your property is more vulnerable. Try to stay discreet while you are away. Make sure a neighbour covers your absence by collecting your mail so that it is not obvious that you are on vacation.

Avoid stating where you are when uploading pictures and stories on Instagram or Facebook, or on other Social Media in August when you go on vacation. Burglars can be friends of your friends or just watch public notifications.

8. Install security doors and security locks

The best  to secure your property from burglary is to install security doors. Installing a security door with the appropriate new type security lock keeps your valuables safe.

Follow these 8 Tips to prevent burglars in August!

Why do we have to be more careful in August?

    Dogs deter burglars, like security doors!

All burglars are afraid to enter a place guarded by dogs. Some dog breeds can act as deterrents to burglars. The bigger your dog is, the more likely a burglar is to bypass your house.

Smaller dogs, however, can alert you to the presence of an intruder if you are indoors by barking. However, if you and your family are not at home, a small dog will not play as much of a deterrent as a larger dog.

Many times, simply placing a “Watch out! The dog bites” sign in your space can also make burglars think twice before attempting to enter.

This is why a dog and security doors can be combined to prevent a burglary.

Do lights prevent burglary?

Wondering if bright lights help prevent burglary or if they just make it easier for a burglar to see inside your home and see what he can get when he manages to invade?

Keeping the lights on throughout your vacation can alert burglars around your house that no one is there and it can be a prime target for an easy robbery.

Follow the 3 steps suggested by Alfinodoor to prevent burglars in August:

  1. Set a timer on your lights to turn them on and off at times you would normally need if you were at home.
  2. If you have a smart home system, you can turn the lights on and off from your mobile phone, even when you are away.
  3. Use a home security system in conjunction with your lighting. If the lights do not deter a burglar, they will certainly minimize the time it takes the burglar to steal your belongings, until the police arrives.

Can burglars knock on the door or the doorbell?

Of course! Many burglars will knock on the door or the doorbell to see if someone is at home before attempting to break into it.

In recent years you have already heard the news about burglars appearing as sellers or employees of utilities. Call 112 immediately and give them a description of the person, if you find their behaviour suspicious.

A good description of the person to the police can help them stay alert if there is a potential burglar trying to break into your home or a neighbour’s.

Note the height, weight, hairstyle or any clothes or items they may have (a backpack for example) so they can look for this person in the wider area.

    Home security doors combined with new technology security locks can minimize a burglar from entering your space.

Make sure it does not happen to you!

Many burglars take advantage of the fact that they can easily break into your home when it is obviously empty in August and the rest of the year.

Enhance the security of your home with security doors and Alfinodoor security locks.

    Follow the 8 Tips to prevent burglars in August!

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